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Miss Linda : Music for Children and Those Who Love Them

Miss Linda has delighted children and their families for fifteen years. Her spontaneity, excitement and joyful voice engage everyone, encouraging them to dance, sing, and create as they lose themselves in a land of music. 

Come and Go With Me

Award Winning CD by Miss Linda

"My son Charlie listened to your truck song 30 times yesterday, and we would like you to sing it in class today,"
said a mother in Wiggleworm classes just this week. Come and Go with Me, winner of a CMW Award and recommended by the American Library Association, has become a mainstay in homes of young children and their families.  Parents credit her songs with helping their children relax, helping a child stop crying in the car, and building a strong sense of self.  Miss Linda's warm vocals and creative adaptations of traditional songs, reach out to her listeners, transporting them to a loving, fanciful world of folk music.  Come and Go with Me features 13 musicians and a variety of folk instruments from around the world.

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  • Shows for Children and Families
  • Training Workshops for Early Childhood Professionals
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Singing with the kids

Singing with the kids